Inspection, Cleaning and Testing
Commissioning, Fabricaton Functional testing, Mechanical completion

Rental of Teamleaders, inspectors og operators
Spesiallist in Bolt tensioning, Hydraulic, Pressure testing, Sub sea testing

Equipment rental
Data loggers, Filters, Flanges, Flowmeter, Hoses, Manifolds, Pressure gauges, Oil units, Plugs, Test pumps, Steam aggregat, Valves, Video

Equipment sales
Equipement for Bolt tensioning, Chemical cleaning, Oil flushing, Pressure testing

Filter elements, Fittings, Gaskets, Soft pigs, Hoses, Sampling equipment

NPT Testing AS has in the past 10 years distinguished itself as a safe and reliable supplier of multi-disciplinary services to the offshore industry. Read more about our services here or visit our online equipment database